Oni are back with their third full length album "The Silver Line"; louder, angrier, and hungrier than ever!

Oni are back with their third full length album The Silver Line, out October 13 on their self run label Ironshore Records.


Packed with some insane features and punches you in the gut, from start to finish. Produced, mixed and mastered entirely by Spiritbox bassist Josh Gilbert and Joe McQueen, The Silver Line finds Oni chatting new territory while sticking to what has made them such a force to be reckoned with.


‘Silhouette’ opens the album a pulsing, anthemic sound. Its a rager, and it should most definitely earn some regular rotation on metal/rock radio.


Next up is ‘Spark’ ft Sueco.

Now, Sueco has basically become a name synonymous with heavy music. He’s got his own following, and built his place on the pop-punk side. But, his features on Papa Roach’s ‘Swerve’ and here with ‘Spark’, show why he can fit in anywhere. Oni do a great job of carrying the vibe from ‘Sillhouette’ into the second track of the album. Bringing more of the pulsing riffs, there’s still plenty of room toon rage here.

Underneath My Skin

‘Underneath My Skin’ follows, and features Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. This one totally feels fitting for an Anime, or a post apocalyptic video game. You might expect that from this pairing, or you might not. Either way, it’s not a bad thing at all.

Silence In A Room Of Lies

‘Silence In A Room Of Lies’ features Jared Dines, and feels like it would be picked up by most heavy radio stations. Not in a bad way, by any means. But, the song feels commercially viable to a wider, heavy music audience.


‘Cyanide’ might be my favorite track thus far. This is that beat down track. The mosh pit song. With brief moments of reprieve during the openings of each of the verses, and a hook that still commands the crowd run into each other. This song has me moving non stop, and checking to see if I’m bleeding on the forehead.

The Dread

‘The Dread’ which features Justin Hill, is another mosh pit banger. Back to back body smashers, and it feels GOOD! So far, this album has a perfect flow, and is taking me places that I love going to.


‘Aura’ is our next offering, and it features Josh Gilbert formerly of As I Lay Dying, and now Spiritbox. As well as Howard Jones, formerly of Killswitch Engage. This song hits hard and heavy, and doesn’t let up. This sounds like what I would walk to, if I were a wrestler!


‘Armageddon’ follows, featuring Michael Lessard of The Contortionist. This song is pretty melodic, in a metal way. It’s an absolutely perfect song, and rips into the soul.

Burns My Soul

We close out the album with ‘Burns My Soul’. From start to finish, this is a banger. You’re gonna feel this one too! Thrashing from the jump, we’re carried off to non stop head banging territory. This song feels like the end, a proper ending to this album.

All in all, this an album that feels like Oni, while still treading new waters. With some insane features and pulsating instrumentals, this is surely one that’s going to sit on repeat for a long time to come!

The Silver Line is out Friday October 13th. Pre order here: The Silver Line.

Oni online: Oni Music

Oni on Facebook: TheOniBand

Oni on Instagram: theoniband

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