I’m Mankini, you don’t know me. But, you’ll never forget me.

Born out of a necessity to have something more than what music journalism had been giving out, Mankini began carving a path exclusively at The Gathering Of The Juggalos.

As time went on, there was a calling, both figuratively and literally. A calling that came in the form of a documentary, that was traveling the world looking for the most extreme festivals.

Produced by the BBC, and its Radio One programming, @Chris Stark followed Mankini for 3 days while at the Gathering.

Upon leaving, Chris and some final words for Mankini thanking him, and telling him "you know, don't think we should have been following you around."

Shocked and confused, Mankini replied "was I not good?"

With a smile on his face Chris told Mankini "... quite the opposite actually. Your charisma, adaptability in any situation, the way you talk with EVERYONE. You should be doing this on your own, you should be out and about talking to people on camera."

And Mankini TV was born, mere months later.